Eminem - “Godzilla” feat. Juice WRLD Sold 6.3 Million Units Globally

Worldwide sales of Eminem’s track off his recent album “Music to Be Murdered By” has surpassed 6.3 million.

“Godzilla” remains the most popular song released on this album and the video for this track was nominated last week in two MTV VMA categories: the Best Video of the Year and the Best Hip Hop Video.

Godzilla Worldwide Sales:

US: 2,850,000 units
CN: 740,000 units
UK: 560,000 units
DE: 310,000 units
CA: 250,000 units
AU: 170,000 units
SK: 170,000 units
IN: 110,000 units
IT: 90,000 units
NO: 90,000 units
FR: 90,000 units
NL: 80,000 units
DK: 80,000 units
FI: 70,000 units
IE: 60,000 units
RU: 70,000 units
PL: 60,000 units
SE: 50,000 units
BR: 50,000 units
MX: 40,000 units
JP: 40,000 units
NZ: 40,000 units
PH: 30,000 units
TK: 30,000 units
BE: 30,000 units
AT:30,000 units
ME: 30,000 units
CZ: 20,000 units
HU: 20,000 units
Others: 40,000 units

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