The new video for “Godzilla” from Eminem’s most recent album “Music To Be Murdered By” is stuffed with culture references, puns and visual quotes. Let’s focus on those where Eminem ties his newest production to his own legacy.

There are some visual themes that go through the years of Eminem’s career.

Dr. Dre as a doctor:

Eminem covered in blood through years:

This is a funny play on taped Slim Shady:

Also, there are nods to old videos.

“Without Me”:

“Shake That” (and maybe also “Just Lose It” and “Forget About Dre”)

“Bonnie and Clyde”

Is this who we think it is?

Some users have already accumulated a treasure trove of references:

As a matter of fact, you can find his both official albums “Dead Race for Love” and “Goodbye and Good Riddance” in this scene:

You can also spot Mr.Porter here, upset with Eminem’s substance abuse:

This scene refers to “pull a pistol on the guy with a missile launcher” as well as to unforgettable sketch from “Loiter Squad”, a comedy television show for Adult Swim starring Tyler, the Creator.

Even anime left its impact on Eminem’s recent visuals. In this impressive slow motion, you can see reference to “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure“, a successful Japanese media franchise that hit American TV in 2016:

This is not exactly from the video, but is directly related. Eminem and Myke Tyson:

Did you spot anything else? Let us know.