After Eminem posted his take on “Dolly Parton Challenge”, a gay dating app he mentioned there instead of Tinder decided to take a stance and side with Mariah Carey.

In the best traditions of “I don’t know her”, the official Grindr account on Twitter reposted news about Eminem’s meme with a standoffish “Who?”.

You don’t have to think twice to understand that it is not about being discreet about their users. It is about taking all remarks Eminem made in character and all his Mariah mentions close to heart.

It would have sounded much more impressive if they did not use Marshal’s own line for their drag, as pointed out of of Twitter users, posting a gif with Eminem reacts to Will Farrell’s dig with the same counterpoint:

After this skit was broadcast from MTV EMA in November 2013 (Eminem holds his Global Icon Award, by the way), people kept trolling Afrojack with this question for quite some time. Grindr who?