This Sunday Griselda did not win BET Awards 2020. But they do not make a big deal of it.

In an extremely productive time that each of Griselda MCs has after their debut album was released on Shady Records in 2019, news about them being nominated for BET Awards as the best group was welcomed by the artists and fans alike.

However, their first go at the awards of this size did not bring the Buffalo trio the success they deserve. The award went to Migos instead. While fans share their disappointment on social media, Westside Gunn posted just one word:


There is no doubt that Griselda is doing what they are doing not for awards and ceremonies and they will continue to put out new work that will live longer than a memory of some televised event.

Before the event, however, Westside Gunn subtweeted Shady Records, implying the lack of support from the label for Griselda:

I wonder do @ShadyRecords know we’re nominated for a BET AWARD tonight 🤔🤔

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