New track snippet: Eminem feat. Conway The Machine - “Bang”

While Nick Cannon tries to draw attention to himself, Griselda making media rounds promoting their incredible Shady debut “WWCD”. But of course, now everybody wants to know what they think about the ongoing feud.

While Griselda’s loyalty to Eminem is not even a question, the whole battle rap culture does not really excite them that much. Westside Gunn was categorical in his answer:

I don’t battle rap. I got two Billboards in Time’s Square though. I got half a million in jewellery, I don’t have to battle rap. That’s clout shit. These are grown men, forty years old trying to rap against each other right now. It’s deeper than that. In the culture it’s respect because that goes back to the beginning of time. I respect it, but for what I do personally, I haven’t even heard it [Cannon’s diss] – I don’t want to hear it. For what? We got other things we want to do, Chinegun out right now.

Conway was also a no:

Where I’m from niggas call me when it’s time for other shit to do. I ain’t with all that rap shit and all that.

Benny the Butcher, however, had more spirit and was up to a brawl:

I doubt Em would ask niggas, cause he got that. But if he asks me, would I do it? I’m not gonna lie, I probably would if he asked me. If Em walked in this room right now like “What you doing after this?”

That’s the difference between Westside and Benny, as Gunn noticed. But the most important summary of the situation gave Conway the Machine:

We loved when Jay and Nas were going at each other cause they were both ill. When Beans and Kiss was going at it, you knew you had to watch that. That’s why I don’t think Eminem’s going to respond. It’s Nick Cannon.

Watch the whole interview below: