Our team would like to thank all the Eminem.Pro followers! Thank you, guys, for having been here with us in 2015 and for moving together into new 2016 🙂

Believe in yourselves, dream big, get inspired and achieve everything you set to your mind. Every day create something new. Cherish every moment of your life. And, of course, in New Year we wish you a lot of good music that will help you to move on and never give up.

We love you! 🙂

Our traditional presents to all our readers are a holiday 25th issue of EJ magazine and…. something that many of you have been waiting and asking for. We are sharing with you our New Year secret: it’s been already for several months that we are developing for you our new mobile app for Android devices! Last year we gave you the app for iOS, and already in 2016 our Eminem.Pro project and EJ magazine will be available on phones and tablets using Android operating system.

For iOS users we have also prepared some updates and very soon #Eminem.Pro app will be available not only on iPhone and iPod, but also on tablets! Yeah, yeah, very soon you will enjoy news about Eminem and our EJ magazine in an incredibly high quality on big screens of your tablets!

And remember to download our app for iPhone and our EJ magazine: ej.gs

Happy Holidays, guys!
Truly yours, ePro team