London based rapper and producer IDK (it stands for Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge) caused a commotion on Twitter with a simple phrase:

Just found out that Eminem is my big cousin

That was enough to bring thousands of people curious about that lost branch of Em’s family tree. Some were asking in confusion: “You’re white?” and “Arent u black”? With IDK answering “Yes” to both questions.

Of course, to mention Eminem is always an easy way to attract more attention but it is unlikely that IDK is going for a promo stunt. His LP “Is He Real” was released by Warner last September. And if we stop being too literal then IDK can be easily seen as a member of the hip-hop family that values lyricism and penmanship. he does not even claim a close relation, keeping a respectful distance.

What is slightly off here is a timeline. IDK found out who Eminem was when he was still at school because 50 Cent’s “Get Rich Or Die Trying” was his first and favourite hip-hop album. He discovered Marshal and learned from him, even was stealing Em’s rhymes to show off when he was in the fifth grade.

Listen to IDK talking about that in 2015: