It has been a while since Lord Jamar said something funny enough to pay attention to. However, his recent outburst of feverish visions for his future in music is tangentially related to some respectable names in the game.

Lord Jamar shared his dreams on Vlad TV. He is thinking about getting Brand Nubian back together – to diss Eminem. Well, to resurrect Brand Nubian would be a remarkable thing to do. But first of all, that is not for him to call shots, he has never been an important figure in the crew. And secondly, nobody is going to come back to satisfy his rabid clout chase, it is offensive to think that legends will be remotely interested in his vendetta.

He does not understand that and keeps fantasising about his future track, choosing potential producers for his diss project as if it ever going happen. He even listed some producers he would like to work with, starting with no one else but DJ Premier:

Premier! Send me that joint! Premier, who else. How about Just Blaze? If you’re not scared, I’ll take one. MF DOOM? I’m just saying.

Vlad took even further, suggesting to call Dr.Dre. Or maybe he was testing Jamar’s limits. And surprisingly, he found them. Even Jamar understands that it is beyond the realms of possibility, but for all the wrong reasons though:

I can’t say I would necessarily want one from Dre. I don’t feel that’s necessarily my style. The people I named right now are more in my lane. I was going to say Daringer, but he’s running with them. That’s kinda in that lane.

These two deluded personalities agreed on DJ Premier as their best option and urged him to move “for hip-hop”.

To finish in style, Jamar made a jab at his fellow chaser for Eminem’s attention, Nick Cannon:

A lot of trash has been put out right now. The bar is very low. Between what Eminem put out and what Nick Cannon put out, I think it would not be hard to surpass that.

He is right here, Nick Cannon set the bar low, but there is no doubt that Lord Jamar can reset it even lower.

There is no link to the video, we sat through that so you don’t have to.