Jessie shares her impressions on working with Eminem.

Several months ago the world was blessed by Kamikaze release. In August 2018 we heard “Nice Guy” and “Good Guy” tracks off this album for the first time. These collabo track featuring Jessie are so emotional and powerful.

Zane Lowe interviewed Reyez and asked about Eminem and working experience with him on those tracks: “It was sick. He’s mad sick, man. That’s crazy to work with a legend. Another legend. Here in LA. Man, it was cool to be able to come up with it in front of him too, because it wasn’t something that was copy and paste, it was like, we vibed, we met, Rosenberg was there,” says Reyez. “He played me some beats and I was like, oh this is cool. Sometimes I have my notebook, I always have notebooks, and I write stuff down sometimes. If the faucet’s too wide, and there’s too many things coming, then I gotta do that, right? But every now and then, I’ll get blessed, and it’ll just come and so I’m just rocking, and I’m trying to hear it, and I’m trying to catch it, and I’m just figuring out the words, and Rosenberg and him were there, and they’re just vibing and chilling.”

“And then it was there. Then it just came. Then I was like, cool let’s do it,” she continues. “And we did it, and he was like, “You never had this before?” I’m like, “Nah.” He was like, “That’s dope.” And I was like, “Yeah!” Crazy, man. It was nuts to be able to get that praise from him. It’s crazy. He’s mad talented. Working with him was sick, and I love … He’s super sarcastic, man, and I’m fluent in sarcasm, so we were just right here, it was perfect. Love it.”

You can watch the full interview on iTunes.