Jessie Reyez, who worked with Eminem on “Kamikaze”, has Eminem’s daughter to thank for their collaboration.

Canadian singer and songwriter Jessie Reyez has her schedule packed not only as a performer but also as an author, who pens songs for pop stars such as Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa and Sam Smith. She was in one record studio with many noticeable figures in showbiz, and she also was in one studio with a legend. In her recent interview to “People” Jessie recalled how her collaboration with Eminem became possible:

He had seen me perform on a late-night show and he called up his manager Paul Rosenberg and was like “Yo, this girl!”, and Rosenberg was like, “You think that’s dope?” ’cause he saw the “Gatekeeper”, the song I made a long time ago. He sent him “Figures” and he was “I wanna work with her!” But a few months passed and things did not connect, so it was his daughter who said, “You have to link up with Jessie ‘cause she’s not gonna be available any more”. And we got together in the studio and when I met him I hugged him and he was like able to audibly hear my exhale, like “Ahhhhhhh!”, ‘cause I was kind of nervous. And then we got to the studio and got to work.

Jessie managed to ease her nerves before they started shooting their video “Good Guy” together. See the clip from her interview below: