Eminem’s 10th Studio Album “Kamikaze” Turns 1 Year!

The very same day the year before, on August 31, 2018, without any promo campaigns or prior announcement Marshall decides to “blow off steam,” dropping 13 brand new songs.

The album received mixed critics reviews. Despite the positive feedback on the return to the old style of the “aggressive” Eminem, there was also negative one, especially due to the abusive insults by Marshall to the “colleagues”. Anyway, the album, which topped the charts in 103 countries, with a debut on the first Billboard 200 chart, was ignored by the Grammy managers, which caused our deep disappointment in such events.

As far back as in December 2018, the album received the first “Platinum”. In general, the album got the “platinum” status in 4 countries, as well as “gold” in 4.

Eminem’s 10th Studio Album “Kamikaze” Turns 1 Year!

The album was warmly received by the fans, which cannot be said about the “lucky ones” whom Em dissed in the new record. And only thanks to such moments, in the end we got the good old beef with MGK, which continues almost until now. In response to “Not Alike,” MGK dropped “Rap Devil,” after which Em dotted all the “i”’s and released one of the most commercially successful diss tracks “Killshot”. Thank you, Kelly, you know we love you {no}.

Also, we can’t help but recall “Venom” (more than 320K views on YouTube), the soundtrack to the movie of the same name, which returned even the “extinct” Marshall fans who lost faith after “Revival” (by the way, one of our favorites). Who attended the movie show just to hear that beats at the end?

Most importantly, Em gave us a brilliant tour in support of his album, of which we are very grateful.

We congratulate Marshall on such a successful release and wish another one … the eleventh.

And by tradition, which track from “Kamikaze” do you listen to most often?

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