Kid Cudi came back to where it all started, to Lil Wayne’s radio show, to talk about his new single with Eminem, how he connected with him and how he was getting ready to be bodied by Em.

Talking about Kid’s new single “The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady” that features Marshal, Lil Wayne reminded him about Eminem’s interview when they discussed Kid Cudi’s tweet and yes, indeed, this was the beginning. That conversation pushed Kid to seek Eminem’s assistance more actively. He explained to Weezy:

Your interview kind of set it off, the shit was in motion after that. I was like, yo, let’s reach out to Paul Rosenberg, let’s do it the right way, really connect with him and let him know we’ve been trying to get up with Em. I had a record and I was just like, man, just send this to him and the worst thing that could happen is he doesn’t fuck with it and at the end of the day I wouldn’t be mad about it. I just sent it off and he responded back, said he fucked with it and he’re asking questions like when I was thinking about releasing it and all these things. I was like, “Wow, he’s gonna write this shit?! Alright, okay”. He sent it back and I got him on phone and I had to tell him, “Yo, bro you fucking destroyed this shit”. ‘Cause I was nervous. I was like, “If I get Eminem on my song he’s gonna body me on my own shit!”. But I was like, “Fuck it, just fuck it, I just want a joint with Em”.

Lil Wayne, as someone who worked with Em before, knows exactly what Kid Cudi is talking about and confirmes that much:

Trust me, I know the feeling. I sent few tunes to him and got some results back and just got to accept it, you know.

Watch the conversation below:

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