The art of storytelling is one of the most powerful hip hop tools, recognises Slaughterhouse MC and names Eminem among those who are the most skilful with it.

Crook is a renown rap connoisseur and his autorotative opinion means a lot and is always carefully and respectfully articulated.

When prompted to name a rapper who is good at storytelling, Kxng starts with a reminder that it is impossible to choose one. So he chose 12 and still that was not enough:

I can’t choose just one.. Cube, Ice T, Scarface, Slick Rick, Nas, Andre 3K, Em, Pac, KRS, G Rap, Kendrick, Big.. The list of rappers who have at least one or two masterful storytelling songs is long..

Further down the tread fans suggested C-Bo and Joyner Lucas as honourable additions to the list and Kxng approved the extension.

Eminem x KXNG Crooked: Exclusive Interview (Crook’s Corner 02/21/2020):

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