Crook is open to rap discussions on Twitter, sharing his thoughts and opinions and listening to others. Especially when others come up with daring but tempting ideas.

One of this idea was recently voiced to Crook directly: why wouldn’t he record a full-length album with Eminem, the same way as his Slaughterhouse bandmate Royce did Bad Meets Evil? It would be good for them, it would be good for the culture, it certainly would be good for us all.

Kxng is not opposed to the idea at all. Maybe right now is not the best time, what with social distancing and restriction of movements, but after the pandemic is over – it might become a reality. People make plans about what to do on their first day out of the quarantine – and this one would be unique.

CROOK’S CORNER @CrookedIntriago
When social distancing is over let’s all go to Detroit and speak to him about this. I’m serious. Who’s with me?