Eminem is cooking something for the haters & Why is the Slaughterhouse album not coming

Eminem is cooking something for the haters & Why is the Slaughterhouse album not coming

On April 15 a member of the Slaughterhouse crew KXNG Crooked started a live stream on Instagram. He mostly focused on his views on Kendrick’s new album, but also touched on Eminem & Slaughterhouse, namely their new album. Reddit user BLilxy watched the stream and retold all the interesting parts. Thanks to him. Check it out.

BLiIxy: “He [KXNG Crooked] said that Kendrick can stand his own on a track with Em but thinks Em outraps him. He said that he understands peoples negative feedback on Eminems approach lately (meaning the choppy flow and caring only about lyricism), he said that Eminem being a megastar in the mainstream he doesnt act mainstream at all, he said that on a platform like Em, fans will not always want to see a sledge hammer, specially on No Favors where they wanted to see Em in a different pocket, but Em always comes with the hammer. He said he knows that Em is cooking.

He said he knows from their conversations and sessions that Em has something in store for the doubters, implying that there is way more to him.

About Slaughterhouse he said that if he had the album he would have been tempted to leak it because if the hiphop world calls Kendricks album amazing and lyrical, hes not sure how the world would react to Glass House (meaing its crazier)…

After being asked to play a snippet of the album he said he is not sure if he has a song from the album and looked for a song on his (iPad?) for 5 minutes but didnt find one.. (played Good vs Evil 2 tho and its fire)

The way he talked it seems like the album is finished but shelved because of Joe Budden…

He said he talks with Paul [Rosenberg] often, Paul wants to put it out but is always like ‘but Joe dont want it out, he says its too dark’… Crooked said he doesnt feel like its too dark and said his album Good vs Evil is darker…

Mentioned multiple times that if it was his decision he would release it straight away”.