A heated discussion about the rankings of hip hop GOATs and the role Dr. Dre played in building their careers has already brought several reputational casualties but the contribution made by KXNG Crooked earns him nothing but respect.

Slaughterhouse MC and renown rap culture expert decided to show his stance after some fans resorted to harsh remarks on Twitter. Crook stated:

I know some Stans are upset but don’t try to belittle Dr. Dre. Yes Dre benefited from working with all the artists he signed but understand he was already highly respected, successful and could’ve easily passed on any one of them but HE gave them the opportunity n they delivered

KXNG responded to a tweet that demonstrated that kind of an attitude that reduces Dr.Dre’s position to gatekeeping duties:

Dre did more than just provide a platform. Way more.. and he did it for both Snoop and Em. 50 and Kendrick also benefited from Dre’s name, status, longevity and talent.

Of course, it prompted a fan to ask whether either of them would be able to achieve their heights without Dr. Dre’s assistance but this is not a debatable matter, thinks Crook:

I can’t speak on hypotheticals.. I just know a Dre stamp opens doors for artists in ways you may not be able to imagine unless you’re in the industry..

KXNG is also not going to debate what Dr. Dre got from his work with young rappers turned GOATs. Dre was GOAT himself already when he extended his hand to newcomers:

it’s not one way street.. Dre benefited too.. at the time Dre was already a multimillionaire who was widely considered the goat of rap production so he didn’t need the deal as much as the super talented kid from Detroit we now know and love needed it but it was his best decision

He summarised this discussion with one decisive tweet:

Fuck the streams and sales and awards I’m talking pure rapping.. Level of rapping abilities..Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all time. Royce is one of the greatest rappers of all time. I’m not debating this take with anyone who can not out rap me.

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