Kxng Crooked restored control over his YouTube channel and used this opportunity to address his audience.

Apart from being a rapper that good that Eminem puts him right up into his pantheon, Kxng Crooked is also one of the most thoughtful and original hip hop pundits, whose shows “Crook’s Corner” and “Bending Corners” provide deep insights in both the history of the genre and its vibrant modernity.

Crook used his own platform to say thank you to his flowers and invite them to get involved in his creative process, submitting thoughts and suggestions about what they would like to see on the channel.

He also reminded how streaming numbers can change the future in a very practical way. Eminem’s collaboration as a producer with Crook’s crew Family Bvsiness “Skip this ad” might be followed up with other joints, hinted Kxng. But to make it happen, he has to have convincing streaming statistics on his hands:

“Skip this ad”. If you want to see Family Bvsiness doing more music with the great Marshall Mathers make sure you keep playing “Skip this ad”. Keep streaming and keep telling your friends about it. We need to do some numbers, so when I go back to my homie Marshall I could tell him, “Look, they’re fucking with it, and we’ll get some more work done, ‘cause I think that we make some good music together, Family Bvsiness and Em.

Another important topic Crook wanted to address was the recent leak of Eminem’s unreleased verse for Conway’s “Bang”. Crook was worried initially that Eminem’s barbs on this verse might jeopardise the possibility of Slaughterhouse reunion that seems more and more real. However, all parties involved did not let a scandal to get out of hands. Well, almost all, as Revolt went to media and played a race card against Marshall. This part was also subtly addressed by Crook when he calmly stated that Eminem is part of the culture and cannot be taking out of it:

Speaking of Em, I gotta salute him real quick. Some of you might know about his original “Bang” verse being leaked and him mentioning Revolt and Revolt coming back and saying something to him. I think he handled it beautifully. So I gotta salute Marshall on that. He’s always on the right side of history and once again he just proved that with the statement he put out towards Revolt. So I just gotta salute him real quick on that. And I gotta salute Joe Budden. In that original leak, I think Em jabbed Joe too. It was an old version, he didn’t want it to come out, obviously, but Joe handled that like a champ. You feel me, he handled it like a champ. I love to see my brothers getting along, it makes me happy. So salute to Joe Budden for that, salute to Marshall Mathers.
Em, man, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re part of this culture for real. They can’t take you out of this culture, they can remove you.

Watch the video below, follow Crook’s channel Crook’s Corner and listen to “Skip this ad”:

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