In his Instagram video, a former member of super-group Slaughterhouse explains that he felt the pressure to clarify his position in this enveloping drama of Nick Cannon vs. the world. Especially, after Nick claimed on Twitter that Eminem does not care for people he worked with and has no friends.

Kxng Crooked chose deeds over words and not just stated that he’s still friends with Marshall, he showed the snippet of one of the tracks that Eminem produced for new Kxng’s project Family Bvsness.

You hear that? That’s a new joint from my group Family Bvsiness. Me and my brothers have a group called Family Bvsiness. We have a lot of projects coming out. This particular joint was cooked up by Eminem. Marshall cooked that up for us because friends looking out for friends. That’s just one of many joints that we cooked with Slim Shady. He’s got friends out here, believe that.

And just like that, he was out, leaving the announcement in the caption “Its almost FAMILY BVSINESS season!”, which means that soon we will be able to hear new tracks produced by Eminem.

Watch the video below: