Crook is known to be a rapper who can hold an open and respectful conversation with his audience on social media. Even when this conversation touches sensitive matters.

He was asked on Twitter recently about a Slaughterhouse song he would like to delete from his memory. Apparently there is a song KXNG Crooked are not proud of at all. This is Mr. Porter produced “Throw It Away” from Slaughterhouse debut “welcome to: OUR HOUSE”.

Crook did not elaborate on what exactly irks him so much about this song but he did not like it from the very beginning. He obeyed the majority and went along with their decision, even when the song was released as a single and video. It was not easy for him though, admits Crook:

Not to be disrespectful, but here is this video for you to decide whether this song is really that bad:

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