Last week a lot of previously unreleased material leaked into the Internet. These were not only Eminem’s old tracks back from the time when he was substance-dependant but also a rather recent record with Joyner Lucas and even a controversial verse where Eminem, as many decided, sided with Chris Brown in support of violence against women and against Rihanna personally.

The fan community found itself split. While one group considered that it is unethical to support the leaker and listen to leaked tracks, others are excited to hear anything created by Eminem. Well, there is some truth to either of these sides.

On the one hand, these unreleased tracks were discarded for a reason. Most probably they were not up to Eminem’s quality standard and for that reason were buried in archives. And we know that his quality standards are very high. On the other hand, they are just demos that we did not hear before and can enjoy now.

Many fans think that it is better not to write about these tracks. However, being an information source dedicated to Eminem, we cannot keep silent about these events and just ignore the topic that is stirring the fan community.

So, in the midst of this leaking scandal we decided to summarise all the events in one article.

1. Eminem ft. Joyner Lukas — “What If I Was Gay”

Its snippet was leaked on October 29. The fans were still shaken after Eminem’s show in Abu Dhabi when they were hit with a new song. And not just any song but a highly anticipated collaboration with Joyner Lukas, one of new Eminem’s proteges. On October 31, the full version of “What If I Was Gay” was leaked and took over the Internet instantly. “What If I Was Gay” is a complex track and we are still not completely sure about its message. But the beat there is bombastic.

Listen to the track below:

Joyner Lucas – What If I Was Gay (ft. Eminem) from r/Eminem

Interestingly, Skylar Grey recorded a vocal hook for this track. The singer wrote about it on her Instagram. However, you cannot hear it on the leaked version. Maybe, it’s just a working demo and the final version will be released on the album with beautiful Holly on it. Here you can find the lyrics to “What If I Was Gay”.

2. Eminem – “Everything”

The next day, November 1, another Eminem’s track was leaked, this time from the era of the unreleased album “King Mathers LP”. It is titled “Everything”. This is a very interesting song, sadly, it is cut short. It might be an early demo. Listen to it below:

Joyner Lucas – What If I Was Gay (ft. Eminem) from r/Eminem

3 & 4. Eminem — “Hip-Hop” & “Cut Back”

On November 2, two snippets of unreleased Eminem’s tracks were leaked – “Hip-Hop” & “Cut Back”. Both again can be dated back to the era of “King Mathers LP”. The next day, November 3, their full, more or less, versions were leaked and spread around the Internet.

Joyner Lucas – What If I Was Gay (ft. Eminem) from r/Eminem

Joyner Lucas – What If I Was Gay (ft. Eminem) from r/Eminem

Here you can find the lyrics to “Hip-Hop” & “Cut Back”.

5. Eminem – “Things Get Worse” (new verse)

And finally, the most controversial item – a short version of the previously unreleased verse from “Things Get Worse” by B.o.B. that featured Eminem. The track was released on January 1, 2011, but this verse became known only now. There Eminem raps: “Of course I side with Chris Brown. I’d beat a b**ch down too if she gave my dick an itch now”. All websites immediately spread this line interpreting it as a diss on Rihanna and concluding that Eminem supported Chris Brown in that ugly story with him beating his girlfriend.

It is important to remember that this line did not make it to the final version of the song “Things Get Worse”, and it would be a mistake to take it seriously or see it as Eminem’s stance on the issue of domestic abuse.

(SNIPPET) Eminem – Things Get Worse (Rihanna Diss) from r/Eminem