After Eminem connected to Lil Wayne during his Young Money radio programme, people remember mostly two things: Marshall’s generous donation and that GOATs have to Google their own lyrics.

At least that was precisely two topics that were brought up during Weezy’s interview with Variety:

Eminem came on, matched and donated another $250,000. What was your reaction?
I wasn’t surprised at all by Em’s donation because I’ve known him forever and it’s simply a part of who he is. He’s a guy who lives for those around him to live better and his donation speaks volumes to that fact. We are bros.

Eminem said you guys have to go on the internet to look up your own songs. That’s epic. What songs did you have to look up?
I ALWAYS have to go to the internet for my lyrics. ALWAYS!! For songs you wouldn’t believe. It’s been everything from ”6 Foot 7 Foot” all the way to “How To Love”!! I’m just forgetful.

Read the interview in full online.

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