Eminem probably doesn’t even know that theres a trial for infringement of his copyrights

Eminem probably doesn't even know that theres a trial for infringement of his copyrights

Jeff Bass plays “Lose Yourself” in court.

Music producer Jeff Bass showed up as a witness in a hearing of the Eminem vs National party of New Zealand case and played the cords of “Lose Yourself” on a guitar.

This is what journalist Katie Bradford said: “Jeff Bass says the owners of “Lose Yourself” – himself, Eminem, Luis Resto & Joel Martin, would never have given National permission to use it. “Lose Yourself” composer Jeff Bass strums part of the song in court. Then slams Eminem-Esque as being unoriginal & a blatant ripoff. I also asked Jeff Bass (he discovered Marshall Mathers) if Eminem even knows about the trial. He says he doesn’t know if he knows”.


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