“Can't tell if I'm cheating on her with you or cheating on you with her”: Eminem’s complicated relationship on “In Too Deep”

Throughout his career, Eminem released not only 11 exquisite studio albums that changed the rap game, but he also catapulted in the world some unforgettable videos.

“Love The Way You Lie” is the one that people watch and re-watch the most. Shot by Joseph Jun-hee Kahn who won his first Grammy for Eminem’s “Without Me” and really grabbed the chance to make Em’s video that was not meant to be a satire or mockery. They took on board Megan Fox who seemed impossible to book on a peak of her popularity but who, being a huge Eminem fan, prioritised this project above others. It broke a YouTube record for the most views in a day with 6.6 million, that were simpler times.

And now, 10 years later after its release, it has gained 1,992,286,531 views on Eminem’s official channel. It is a long shot form the second place that “Not Afraid” holds with 1,397,109,873 views. The third place is for “Rap God” who hit its first billion recently under an amused gaze of its creator.

Eminem’s most-viewed videos on YouTube:

1. Love The Way You Lie — 1.99B
2. Not Afraid — 1.396B
3. Rap God — 1.05B
4. Without Me — 914M
5. When I’m Gone — 767M
6. The Monster — 698M
7. Smack That — 613M
8. No Love — 490M
9. Mockingbird — 489M
10. The Real Slim Shady — 446M