Rapper Lupe Fiasco snapped on social media and addressed fans who blame artists for not being there enough for the public.

It started with Lupe posting a screenshot from his DM, where a fan named Pat was accusing the artists of neglecting fans who “made him”:

Damn man. We fans made you rich and u don’t even have decency to acknowledge us. That’s so wrong man. Ur doing it wrong.

Lupe captioned this picture with a short:


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However, that was not the end of this story. Just an hour later the rapper uploaded a 3-verse track titled “Pat On the Back”, to answer to this and, probably many other similar demands. The choice of instrumentals for this rap was epic. Lupe Fiasco used Eminem’s “Stan”, the song which is strongly associated with obsessive and demanding fans, putting to much into a celebrity figure with which they are fascinated. He rapped:

Dear Pat, I’ve must’ve missed you in the chat
There be a lot of people that come to Super Facts
It’s hard to keep track and you know
When I be talking I don’t even be looking at the comments like that
There be a lot of action, a whole lot of distractions
And I can’t really keep track of every interaction
So you might have hit me, I just wanna say I didn’t see it
And I know you DM’d me, and that was supposed to be our little secret
But I felt your language came a little strong
Cut me some slack, I can’t keep track of everything that’s going on
I ain’t mean to put you on blast just to hurt you
But understand that life is like a circle
And what you asked for, I felt that I really would just give you
You want acknowledgement, and I apologizin’
But I think it opens up a bigger issue that we need to shed some light on
Right or wrong, instead in the comments, I write a song

I mean Pat, I think you gotta understand
I’m just a regular person, I’m just a man
I know you like a fan you felt you did a lot for me
But I had something to do with writin’ them raps? Right? Possibly?
I mean I did a lot to get to where I am
A lot of sacrifices to have someone like you as a fan
And this ain’t easy man, the record labels are greazy and
Even with all that I don’t wanna downplay your role, believe me
I think you playin’ an important part in the arts
But it’s more than puttin’ records on them charts
We take a lot of pain, a lot of strain, a lot of frustration
If you don’t like what I do today, you just replace ’em
With another artist, another rapper, who’s more kind
And the fear of losing stans will lose our minds
I’m talkin’, really going crazy
And the last thing you wanna hear is some fans saying that you make me
You know? But that keep paying my bills
I mean you pay like 10 dollars to keep it real
If you bought every album that’d probably be like 50 or 60
If you did a show that’s another 35
That’s less than a 100 dollars, that’s not enough to keep us alive
And I don’t wanna downplay your input or your financial transactions to get us where we are but
There’s more to our job than just pretendin’ to be a star

And in conclusion, to clear up the confusion
Hope this would teach us all like a lesson
That getting what we want, always is a blessing
Sometimes it might be a curse, sometimes it might really hurt
But that’s the way life works
So I just wanna say Pat Rooney, I think you’re cool
And this whole experience really gave me some jewels
A real opportunity to set up some rules
Not to be a jerk and not to be cruel
But that goes both ways, so let’s not make assumptions
Or find a giant pool of conclusions to jump in
So next time on the live, I hope to see you
Signing off, I’m truly yours, this is Lu

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