Bizarre gave a long and interesting interview where he was humble and witty and heartfelt and full of stories about old times of D12.

He told how during their first tour with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Warren G D12 only had stage time for one verse and had to sleep on the floor in overcrowded hotel rooms but they were soaking everything up and learning from the best, not expecting ever blew up as big. Bizarre said that up to this day he had barely said ten words to Dr. Dre. Dre talks to him but Bizarre is still as awestruck as he was back then.
Answering the question about recording D12 album Bizarre shared that Eminem is a difficult one to handle in the studio:

That was hell. Torture. Marshall is a tyrant in the studio, he’s a perfectionist. You could be in a booth doing your verse for three or four hours until you get it right. Every word, every sentence – it has to be perfect. He was obsessed with what he wanted. One day we left the studio for Christmas shopping, we came back – he did my verse. It sounded just like me. It was fun. But he definitely told us for our solo careers how to be professionals, to be more detailed. He feels like if he ain’t got no raps he shouldn’t be in the studio. But I’m different, I don’t want to rap unless I’m in the studio. I can’t just sit home and write a rap.

Watch the whole interview below: