Eminem Vs Machine Gun Kelly (DISS 2018 Not Alike / Rap Devil)

On Everyday Struggle’s latest episode MGK revealed the truth over his “Rap Devil” diss track origin and the “possibility” of joint track with Eminem.

“Is there any way you and Shady could reconcile, bro?” asked Everyday Struggle’ Akademiks . “Is there any closure to that because we love closure—look at Drake and Meek. Is there anything you all could come back together? Or at least have a conversation.” Guess what MGK offered him? Yeah, for sure, a collabo track with Em: “Put us on a track, see who comes harder.”

This seems crazy, but on the other hand, that track could break all the records, it’d be fire.

MGK also admitted he was drunk while he wrote “Rap Devil”: ““We went in the locker room of a place where we were performing at and I just did that on the spot hours after that shit [Not Alike] released. I was with Odell [Beckham Jr.] the night before, celebrating the $100 million contract thing. I was still just drunk like, ‘Fuck, this motherfucker. Load the Pro Tools up.‘”

Watch the full interview below to not to miss MGK’s confessions: