No matter how hard Machine Gun Kelly wants to stand up against Eminem, so far his any move brings him more embarrassment than before.

Marshall absolved him from his sins on “Unaccommodating” from “Music To Be Murdered By” but MGK cannot accept it and keeps spiralling into a dark void. He does not repeat a mistake of recording a diss, just sulks on his social media.

After recent Eminem’s post where Marshall jumped to a viral “Dolly Parton Challenge”, MGK decided to complain, of all things, that Eminem is too old to post memes. He wrote on his Twitter account:

50 years old artists tryna to be relevant to the youth by posting trending meme’s is something I never thought I would see in #2020.

It is tiresome to see how these people think that age is something that makes an artist worse and not more skilful, experienced and deeper. They do not aim to longevity, it seems, and do not plan to make music after… I don’t know… after 30? That would be good, it will make MGK stop this April. By the way, this particular trend was started by Dolly Parton! It’s not like she tried to be relevant to the youth, the youth tried to be relevant to a woman who shaped American music back in the 1960s and never stopped influencing it.

Probably his grandmother explained to MGK the wrongs of his ways because he deleted his tweet. I do not insinuate that MGK is too young to know who Dolly Parton is. I just hope that his granny has a better taste in music than he does.