The illustrattor-designer for Shady Records isn't sure that Eminem's album comes out in 2017

Mike Saputo (cover art designer for Shady Records 2.0 and also Eminem’s and Shady Records merch designer) shared some interesting information about Em’s new album.

Recently Mike posted a few of his works for Eminem including artwork for merch. Mike Saputo wrote in the comments to it: ‘Was going through my past Eminem merch sample box. Totally forgot about these. Funny how so much time away from looking at something gives you a new appreciation for it’.

One of the followers wrote in response: ‘Man it would be beyond dope if you were involved artistically in Em’s new project’.

And Mike answered: ‘Thanks man. Good news is that I fully expect to be involved, bad news is it might not even be this year’.

Check out all of Mike’s works for Shady Records and Eminem.