What We Learned From Eminem’s Facebook Q & A

On May 27, 2020, Eminem appeared on a live chat with his fans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his album “The Marshall Mathers LP”. Eminem’s team was experiencing difficulties through the entire event as the platform they used for this chat was not the best to deal with such heavy traffic and it was not easy to make sense out of that conversation.

By our estimations, the fans sent over 40 thousand messages, especially in the very beginning when hundreds of messages were sent in a second. But worry not, we kept track of everything and can offer you a full recap of all the interesting points that Eminem shared with his fans.

Full stream:

Not a single interview or public event with Eminem have ever happened without his signature jokes and this one was not an exception. Em did not miss a chance to joke about Ken Kaniff, perfectly delivering his groaning in writing. The fans had their fan as well. One of them empathised with Eminem’s fear of giraffes 🙂 Another asked whether Paul Rosenberg was with Em and Eminem had to remind that his manager followed quarantine rules 😊

We have got a lot of interesting insights through this chat.

Eminem’s favourite actors and characters:

There was a lot of questions about Eminem’s taste in pop culture. So Eminem shared that his favourite Batman is the one played by British actor Christian Bale in Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Bale, however, did not make it into a short list of Em’s favourite actors. His favourites are Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, Sylvester Stallone and Al Pacino. Marshall even has a favourite in “South Park”, it is Cartman. Eminem also has his preferences for superheroes, Hulk is the Avenger of his choice.

Favourite music:

Answering a question about his favourite verse Eminem named the second verse from “I’m back”. To annoy everyone Eminem proclaimed “FACK” his favourite track and supported the opinion of another fan that this song is no less than a lyrical masterpiece, which was written on drugs, reminded Em. (Drugs kill, don’t take drugs!)

He confirmed that he liked the first version of “Stan” the most, it sounded better to him – something we will never hear because it was messed up by the engineer. His favourite 50 Cent’s album is “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” and favourite track “Places To Go”. Marshall even confessed what track from his latest album “Music to Be Murdered By” he likes the most – it is “Godzilla”, the people’s favourite.

To single out one track from 2Pac’s legacy appeared more difficult for Marshall. He named “Str8 Ballin’” from Thug Life initially but then added that he likes all his songs. It was easier to narrow down for Beastie Boys, Em likes “Rhymin’ and Stealin’” the most.


The fans were curious about how Marshall is spending his time in the quarantine. Marshall watched “Stranger Things” and “Accused” and is listening to new music. He especially mentioned Young M.A’s “Red Flu” as a release he is particularly impressed with.

Favourite rappers:

Talking about rappers who inspire him, Eminem named Kool G Rap, LL Cool J, Treach, Redman and 2Pac. He also said that the most underrated rapper in his opinion is KXNG Crooked, a former member of Slaughterhouse (the band we still dream to hear again).

On sports:

Eminem admitted that of all sports he prefers football and box. His favourite boxer is Roy Jones Jr. and favourite Detroit Lions player is a running back Barry Sanders. The conversation about UFC did not take off, Marshall said that while he had been watching it more lately he did not really have a favourite fighter.

What else?

Did not you want to know what cereal Em has for breakfast? Your dream came true. He prefers Raisin Bran Crunch. His favourite video game is Donkey Kong.

There was also an interesting insight into Em’s touring life. Apparently, he likes to do “Stan” in different accents and he does it at every rehearsal, driving Skylar Grey crazy. He still uses a pen to write his lyrics. Eminem also mentioned there were only one or two songs that had not made it to the MMLP final cut. This is remarkable because usually Em records tens of tracks for his albums. However, it makes sense as MMLP was recorded very fast.

Finally, Eminem does not see the reason why he should shave his beard off. So the fans that still have something against Eminem’s style need to accept the change.

Here is the full script of Eminem’s messages:

Eminem MMLP20 Live Chat: All Answers

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