Slim Shady teamed up with Kid Cudi’s Moon Man not only to rage but also to pay respect to GOATs.

This time he turned to Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg on the verse he contributed to Kid Cudi’s “The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady”.

Lil Wayne, besides being one of the most influential rappers in the game seems to be directly involved in making this particular track a reality. That was him who drew Marshall’s attention to Kid Cudi’s tweet where he referenced Rap God and cried for help. Eminem used three signifiers at once, not just dropping Weezy’s name: he used one of his nicknames and a Twitter handle, his birthplace and, as it seems to be a theme, also referenced a drug that was tangentially associated with Lil Wayne:

Purp nor lean (Nah), that’s Tunechi (Yeah)
That’s New Orleans (What?)

Shout out to Snoop follows right up. Eminem again does not just literally spell his name, he also intertwines this Spelling Bee interlude with a notion of money – two G’s are not only the last letters of Snoop’s name but two grands, two thousand that Eminem claims to be spent on paper and it links Snoop with Marshall in relation to lyrical skills. Em finishes with a flourish, using Snoop’s signature “ooh-wee” and again turning namedropping into art:

Snoop D-O-double (Uh), that’s two G’s (Yup)
I probably spent on paper, ooh-wee

Listen to Kid Cudi – “The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady” ft. Eminem below:

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Hazem Belras Ali
Hazem Belras Ali
24 days ago

In the shoutout to Snoop, two Gs could also mean that Lil Wayne and Snoop are two Gs (gangsters) or OGs as in Originals.

The Goat 💜💜💜