Mr. Porter Teases New Collaboration With Eminem

Old Eminem’s friend and collaborator Mr. Porter suggests that his upcoming album might bring a surprise for Em’s fans.

Denaun Porter works on his solo record for quite some time, building a beautifully mastered body of work. He admits that he is not really the one to go for features, he is not seeking to lend some star power to boost his own art. But Marshall might be exempt from this rule.

During Denaun’s recent YouTube livestream he answered an inevitable question about a collaboration with Eminem. Mr. Porter suddenly became enigmatic:

Stay tuned. On my album, you might get a little something.

It would be interesting to hear. So far, new tracks that Mr. Porter previewed were distinctively soulful. Not exactly the vibe that you would associate with Eminem. But Marshall is known for defying all expectations, so, yes, we are staying tuned. Even if there is no official statement about Eminem’s involvement with the project.

Watch the fragment below:

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