Long-time Eminem’s friend and hype man is watching the unveiling Nick Cannon drama with sadness. He has some sobering words for those who decided to sign up to Nick’s crusade.

He posted on Twitter:

I’m super disappointed in some of these legends jumping out the window for a check and because of a person that’s basically destroying the legacy of what We all see as one of the most entertaining branches of this art. I was happy to see some of y’all on Wilding out I thought, man that’s dope because some of these dudes are so dope and witty. But rapping next to @NickCannon is corny all together. Keep it to the show the show is good for the culture. I know ain’t nan one of y’all walked into that studio and said his verse was fire. You may have even said it but you ain’t think it. Foh.. I get riding for the homie even when they wrong. I been there but come on, Y’all are all battle rappers of high level, Clips and conceited was like two of my favs at one time. But sit ya mans down like we all have to do sometime let him know this ain’t it fam. Super disappointed in seeing y’all be used like that, Its Corn As fuck!!

Mr. Porter stands up not only for Eminem but for hip-hop culture in general. He is sure that events like this destroy it, selling legacy for entertainment and feeding ego manias. For those who think that Eminem response would enrich the hip-hop community Mr. Porter has some strict words:

That would be for your pleasure, Absolutoy not I hate reply’s like this. 👎🏽

No he shouldn’t it’s not worth it sometimes y’all just wanna be entertained but this is not worth it he not a real Mc