Billboard 2018 Eminem and Paul Rosenberg

Why doesn’t Eminem’s label promote his new album? Many fans keep asking this question and we can often see it on social media.

We talked about it with people from the label and the reason is fairly simple. Label staff working in promotion learned about Eminem’s album on Thursday, the night before it was released. Only some of the senior staff knew about it a week before the release. It is just not enough time to develop and launch a promo.

However, they are working on it. Billboards will pop out soon at different locations, including Times Square. As for interviews, we might expect something similar to his last year interview with Sway Calloway, though he stopped doing interviews with media since “Kamikaze” and only uses his own platform to communicate with the public. Anyway, the reality is that Eminem sets records and has strong numbers for his new album without any promo and it is inspiring.