The surprise record dropped by a rapper who started in the 1990s attracted more attention than any other album released this year so far.

Young pop–stars with dedicated followers, a posthumous record of a talented artist – all of them attracted their share of the attention of Spotify listeners. All of them did not perform as well as Marshall did. The gap between him and Justin Bieber who holds the second place on that list is over 10 million streams.

Biggest opening days for albums of 2020 on Spotify so far:

1. Eminem – “Music To Be Murdered By” – 50.5 million
2. Justin Bieber – “Changes” – 40.4 million
3. Mac Miller – “Circles” – 29.03 million
4. Selena Gomez – “Rare” – 25.3 million
5. Halsey – “Manic” – 17.3 million