Michigan rapper NF names Top 5 Eminem songs in his extended conversation with NME on religion, therapy, being diagnosed with OCD and shoving Chance the Rapper out of the charts.

Nathan Feuerstein, a rapper from a small town in Michigan, who has found escape and emotional outlet in hip-hop after years of physical abuse and the traumatic death of his mother, is famous for his honest and raw lyrics. So many people can relate to this passion, that NF repeatedly finds his records topping the charts and leaving behind the releases of Tom Petty, Lil Pump and, just this July, Chance The Rapper.

During his recent interview, NF named his top 5 Eminem’s tracks:
“As far as top 5 Eminem songs, I’d say “The Way I Am” that song is ridiculous. I think Eminem Show is one of the best albums ever. “White America,” “Cleanin’ Out My Closet,” “Sing For The Moment,” there is so many dope songs, I don’t know…”

To choose just 5 songs out of Eminem’s legacy is tough, watch below how NF dealt with that: