Nick Cannon revised his beef with Eminem in his recent appearance on ExpediTIously Podcast.

Nick Cannon was agitated on behalf of his then-new wife Mariah Carey, who was dissed by Em 18 times in total through his career. The 18th time really got through to Nick Cannon who decided to stand up for her.

I wrote a letter first. During that time social media just started popping. So I wrote that long-ass letter saying pretty much like, I respect you as an artist, I am a fan, you are one who’s the best of actually doing that. But a man to man, you talking outta pocket to my wife, you gotta be held accountable for that. So I need to see you face to face. That’s all what I said. Face to face, let’s do it. Whatever happens when we face to face – it happens.
And the funny thing is, you know, they build this Superhero figure but if you’ve ever seen this Marshal Mathers in person he’s not really look like he wants to smoke with mosts. I was ready for whatever. I was like, do you want to talk through that on the phone, do you want me to come to Detroit? But you cannot disrespect my wife! I’ve got to show my wife I’m a man! I said, I know I’m not gonna be able to outrap you but I will whoop your ass. Those were exact words. Cooler heads prevailed. He is still in my Top 5. But I feel like any time somebody says something, you’ve got to be held accountable. If you said some – we’re gonna have this conversation, like men. That’s all I wanted. He apologised.

Apparently, Nick Cannon praises himself as the only man who stood up against Eminem and successfully held him accountable.

Watch Nick Cannon talking about it: