New Eminem’s track snippet appeared in the network. Listen to it. Track is produced by Mr. Porter.

[NEW] Nut Up (Snippet) from Eminem

You know what you’re doing when you do it for the ladies
So won’t you please step up to the mic baby?

It’s been a little boring lately
I’ve been playing in poison ivy and pee
I’ve been itching to get in some S-H-I-T
You heard what I S-A-I-D
This club? I guess they I.D
But they just let me in without it so I guess they like me
I put on my best dang white tee
But the…

[Verse 2]
I like your breast but your booty’s too skinny to pinch it
How is that possible with a waist on me about 26 inches
Ease up on the Henny to say

About “Nut Up”

This track WAS going to appear on Relapse 2, but look how that turned out. If this 20 seconds is indication of what the track was going to be, it would’ve been something like this later track that he did with Trick Trick. Funnily enough, his verse even has the same rhyme scheme. – Genius