Post Malone Opened-Up About Potential Collab With Eminem

The release of Hollywood’s Bleeding – the third and most grown-up Post Malone’s album so far – put him in the limelight again. His first long post-release interview was aired on Beats1. Meticulous Zane Loew conversed with Post in the old French vineyard where the musician works on perfecting his branded rose. However, the interview was focused not on his business but on his music.

Critics agree that this is mature work and the reason why is probably because Post Malone does not try to satisfy the audience but is determined to be genuine. “I wanted to be super organic, I wanted to be the way I wanted to be,” explains Post. And if it comes with a price, he is ready to pay it. “It’s wild, but I’m not trying to make anything massive,” he muses. “I’m not trying to make hit records. I’m just trying to make something that I love”. Judging by this record, he loves collaborations and is sure that “music, at the end of the day, has nothing to do with fucking business. Music has to do with people”.

Well then, nudges the interviewer, what are the chances to see the collaboration of Posty with Eminem? Especially considering that Emile, Post’s producer, can put him in touch with Mr.Matters. “What a fucking legend,” Post does not hide his appreciation. “There was a time where we were working things out but just time-wise, sometimes they just don’t match up at the right time. There will be a time”.

If you have time now, watch the interview below in full or skip to 25.18 to the important part.