Sway Calloway compared the way Eminem, Crook and Royce da 5’9” were trading lines on “I Will” to a boxing match.

Marshall agrees to an extent, he thinks that they are remarkable MCs who bring the best out of him:

We do what we do. Us getting on a song. When we were doing Slaughterhouse albums it was the same thing. Getting on a song with anybody from Slaughterhouse was a problem. Rappers like Kxng Crooked and Joell Ortiz, man, they are fucking problem. So if you’re gonna get on a song with them you need to fucking bring it. And that’s one of the things that that to me is so dope. Crook is doing “Crook’s Corner” right now too but people who might not know about Crook need to look up some of his music because he’s a fucking problem. He’s one of those dudes… It’s nerve-wracking to get a song with him. Royce – the same thing.

Listen to the segment below: