The recent episode of KXNG’s podcast “Crook’s Corner” was dedicated to legendary rapper Rakim, the one whose name Eminem always mentions with the deepest respect.

Rakim himself consider Eminem one of the greatest rappers and lyricists and pays his respect to Marshall. He did the same answering Crook’s question on the podcast:
If you had to take yourself out the equation is there someone who you may consider to be the greatest rapper of all time?

Oh, there’s a couple of people. I gotta start from the beginning ‘cause without them I wouldn’t be who I am. That’s Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee and [Grandmaster] Caz. brothers had the skills. If they was around at the right time that would have been a lot different as far as the impact. That’s old school. And then you’ve got one of my favourite MCs Eminem. Jay Z another my favourite.

Watch Rakim answering this question to Kxng Crooked: