A year ago, MGK decided that he wanted “problems” and released a track in which he dissed Marshall. A week later, Em stroke back with the phenomenal “Killshot”, which has an overwhelming success in all platforms.

MGK Trolls Eminem Again On 1st Anniversary of His "Rap Devil" Diss Track

The guys did not stop there, everything continues to this day, a year later, Kelly decided to recall the old days of his “success”.

He posted a photo of a girl named Savannah Frank, who captioned the annual album’s photo “Rap Devil was better.” He left the caption on this post: “It’s the ‘Rap Devil’ one year anniversary today…tell it happy birthday 😈”

The post got a lot of comments from both Kelly and Marshall supporters. But we most liked this one 🙂

Today is the anniversary of the end of your career” – hell, you are genius 🙂