“Remember The Name” Chart

Since it’s release on Friday “Remember The Name” is performing well on streaming charts. On Saturday 24 hours after its release the track entered on Spotify at #4 in the U.K., #10 Worldwide and #13 in the USA respectively. As of today (Sunday night) it is currently at #6 in the U.K. (478,227 plays), #12 Worldwide (2,843,374 plays) and #17 (846,286 plays) in the USA.

Over on Apple Music it’s currently #11 Worldwide and on the iTunes chart it’s sitting at #8. Total streams on Spotify in 2 days – 6,736,418.

If it continues to stream in strong numbers over the next few days then it has a great chance of earning a place on the Billboard Hot 100 and UK Top40. And “Remember The Name” is predicted to debut at #3 in UK.

Despite not being sent to radio, “Remember The Name” was played 112 times on US Pop Radios at Friday (07/12/19). “Remember The Name” lyric video has now surpassed 6 Million views on Youtube.

We will be watching that closely over the next few days stay tuned for that. Keep Streaming.