Billboard 2018 Eminem and Paul Rosenberg

Recently uncovered ShadyXX logos inspired speculations about what they were designed for and some media got carried away.

Admittedly, the concept art reminded of a memorable ShadyXV campaign that included a compilation record with label artists. One of hip hop media outlets, however, went as far as naming artists who were supposedly involved in this hypothetical project.

The reaction of said artists demonstrated that everything there was news for them and they did not really take media speculations seriously.

Westside Gunn, specifically named as one of the possible collaborators, dropped sceptically:

U learn Something new Everyday

Then Boogie, his alleged partner on the record added incredulous:

Definitely lol

That was getting embarrassing and rising discontent amongst fans.

All of this made Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg to surface on his social media to clarify the situation. According to him, the compilation had never been planned. The label rather considered to release some luxury vinyl set but later decided against even that:

None of this is accurate. The art was created for a vinyl box set that was scrapped due to production time. Sorry, guys. @WESTSIDEGUNN @WS_Boogie

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