Royce da 5’9” Calls Yelawolf A “Punk Ass” On His New Single

One of the most unexpected things that drew attention to “Overcomer”, the second single from Royce new album “The Allegory”, was a diss on his former label mate Yelawolf.

Knowing the integrity of Royce as a persona and as a rapper, that was clear that something transpired between two MCs, but neither wanted to elaborate on that further.

Until recently in his interview with Real 92.3 radio show he explained:

He did something I felt was disrespectful. There was a window of time where he could have called me to clarify or just say something to me. He didn’t even think he needed to call me – he didn’t even extend me that respect. It was something that happened behind closed doors and he knew I knew about it. I took offence to it, and how I handled it was addressing it on a song. I felt it was the only way I could handle it – for me to air it out publicly would imply I’m using it as a vehicle to push an album or be vindictive. I’m not a vindictive person… I felt the only way to do it was to let him know it’s on my radar. I’m aware.

Watch this below: