Eminem and Royce 5'9

Sitting in the Sway YouTube Royce da 5’9” talked about his upcoming album and how he is mastering his producing skills but could not escape a question about Nick Cannon drama with Eminem.

Before we delve into Cannon war, just a quick heads up that the new album release date has been pushed back to early February because of some issues with samples. Royce produced the entire album himself for the first time. Mr. Porter, Brody and Marshall are people whose opinion Royce seek. He says he doesn’t take any opinion as a law but tries to understand where it is coming from and only after that he can apply it to what he’s doing.

And then the conversation shifted to current events:

– How’s Marshall, is he doing okay?
– He’s doing great.
– Nick Cannon is shooting shots at him. Is he scared, is he nervous?
– Aw, I think he’s afraid… Ahahaha!!!!! Nah. I mean, whatever. If they are having fun they are having fun. I am personally mad at Nick Cannon right now cause he’s distracting my friend. Focus, Marshall, focus, focus, focus.
– Is he distracted by it?
– No, I don’t think he is. It’s just, you know, Em is into the lyrics, he’s into anything that is lyricism. It’s amazing to see him so focused on his penmanship at this age and at this juncture after accomplishing so much. It says a lot about the man. That’s why I continue to look up to him. Nick Cannon… I don’t really know what his agenda is cause I don’t really know him like that.

The moral integrity of Royce and his dignity are admirable. But one would wonder, what it is Marshall should be focused on. Everyone hopes now it is his new record.

Watch the interview below: