Another Detroit rapper Lazarus had a chance to listen to new Royce album in its entirety and he thinks we are not ready for it.

While the date of its release is not announced, the very fact that Royce Da 5’9″ is going to drop a new album sooner rather than later is confirmed now. His new single “Black Savage” met universal approval from audience and colleagues alike for its flow, its message and unobtrusive music complexity. Royce meanwhile promises that his new work is going to be very technical and skills oriented.

Another aspect of the upcoming record was recently praised by fellow Detroit resident Lazarus, who listened to Royce’s record and was amazed by its lyrical prowess:

Back in the lab with my brother @Royceda59. He played me his entire new album and it’s lyrically on a whole other level. Y’all ain’t ready for this.