Royce joined a conversation that Snoop Dogg had started with stating that Eminem was not ranked as one of his top 10 rappers and faced a backlash from Eminem fandom.

Royce mentioned that for him personally Snoop’s “Doggystyle” is more important than any of Marshall’s albums and many fans saw it as a disturbing sign of lack of loyalty to Royce’s long time friend. Royce was quick to assure everyone that he is not concerned with opinions that fans hold of him:

As the days went by, we saw fans questioning his attitude more and more, going into such details as to whether Royce unfollowed Marshall’s social media accounts and so on. The fine line between appreciating music that was important in your formative years and respecting people who contributed to your success is a difficult one to find. Difficult for both artists and fans. With the only exception that the opinion of an artist is amplified and hip hop lyricist are considered to be people who really know how hard a word can hit.

Nobody is surprised to see a fandom swarming around current issues with some individuals crossing the line occasionally. To watch an artist losing their cool is another story.

Royce did not stop at cussing at fans, however. He decided to double down and respond to a tweet that praised him for “pissing out” Eminem fans. The Detroit rapper sent a good chunk of his fanbase that came from Eminem fandom off and declared that he would not accept their love anymore:

Fuck them. They’re conditional love is no longer accepted here…

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