Royce da 5’9” And Yelawolf Exchange Some Harsh Words Online

Out of many recent Royce’s interviews, his conversation with Genius “For The Record” stands out. One of the reasons why is that he finally elaborated on the situation with Yelawolf, to whom he addressed some harsh words on “Overcomer”, the track from his recent album “The Allegory”.

The programme host Rob Markman mentioned that he was quite surprised to hear that and Royce agreed:

Well yeah, because he was a friend of mine. I felt disrespected by something that transpired,
and that was just the way I chose to deal with it. I felt like I could’ve dealt with it a few
different ways. I chose not to because I don’t want to promote negativity. I don’t want to engage in silly, public, back and forth beefs. And I did feel like I needed to hold him accountable. Number one, because I looked at him as a friend and I have certain standards that I hold all of my friends to. But I didn’t want to do anything that was outside of who I am, outside of my character. I didn’t want to do nothing that will come off as vindictive or… You know what I mean? Try to ruin him or do something that looks as if I’m trying to use it to roll my album out or something like that. All of these things, I’m not really into. But I did feel the need to hold him accountable, and there wasn’t a communication line between us. The window of opportunity for us to communicate closed, and it’s because he didn’t initiate it. So I just felt as friends, you would initiate that communication and give that clarification to me. But that never happened.

This is more or less the same story Royce gives every time he is asked about the meaning behind his Yelawolf remark. But after that came something new. Yelawolf tried to talk things over, says Royce:

Oh yeah, after that he reached out. We didn’t speak, but he reached out after that. I don’t wish him nothing but the best. I don’t wish any ill will on him or anything like that. But I took offence to what he did and I move on. It’s not the first time.

Watch Royce talking about Yelawolf situation below: