In a recently published interview, Royce talked in length about his recent records, future projects and working with Eminem.

Answering the question of HNHH reporter about the chances of recording new Bad Meet Evil stuff, Royce admitted:

I love working with Marshall. He’s just funny. Cool as hell and we always have a great time. Marshall and Preem, those two dudes, I’ll drop whatever I’m doing within reason to get in there with them. It’s always a good time, and we always come up with something. Everybody can’t collaborate. When you genuinely like somebody, it’s way easier.

The reporter admitted to especially like their collaboration on “All I Think About”. That elicited some nice memories:

We was in there cracking up laughing doing that song. We challenge each other with the back and forth shit. He’ll go in, do a certain amount of bars, and stop. We try to finish connecting each other’s syllables to continue the scheme. You know Marshall – not only is he rhyming the ending syllable of the sentences, he’s rhyming every syllable during the sentence too. Whole lines sound identical to each other.

This interview, while published only now, took place in early November, before Royce announced his new album “The Allegory”, so he was not asked about his immediate plans but still, he touched the topic of what was ahead. Royce admitted that he thought that the phase that he talks about his personal stories and struggles is over, it’s time to move on to some more impactful projects:

I like to move away from the very personal stuff. It’s a good time for me to start being a little bit more informative. Start thinking about the next generation of artists. About things that bother me, things I’m happy about. Things going on in the world. Being a bit more responsible. It’s a time in music, and for anybody with a platform, to be cognisant about being responsible right now.
Our culture– black people– we have an information problem. There’s a disconnect. There’s a lot of things we all don’t know, especially coming into the music business. People basically monetize off your ignorance, your lack of knowledge. The cycle will continue to repeat itself if the OGs and the people in the know don’t start sharing information. I feel that’s very important right now. That’s where I’ve been mentally.