[Rumors] Eminem — 2019 GRAMMYs submissions

World premiere: Eminem — “Lucky You” (Music Video)

  • ”Killshot — Best Rap performance
  • ”Venom” — Best Rap Song
  • ”Lucky You” — Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Rap Song, Best Music Video
  • ”River” — Best Pop/Duo Group performance
  • ”Kamikaze” — Album of the Year, Best Rap Album

Eminem about Grammy in his interview with Sway:

“Every fucking year, I’m just tired of it. And for some unknown reason they always give you these hints that you might win the “Album of the Year”, it mattered to me, but now I don’t think so. This year, during the Grammy time, I was at home and watched how Jay and Kendrick did not get it. And I felt like one of them would get it, felt like Lucas would get a Grammy for “Not Racist”. He absolutely had to get that fucking Grammy. Every year when we were nominated for the Album of the Year, we would come, and then “the Winner is Nora Jones!”… Who?… I’m not trying to say anything bad about her music, I just… I’ve never heard of her before. Neither me nor my friends. Well, we went like “OK” and then the Steely Dan. OK, I know Stilli Dan, I heard something about him. But better than Marshall Matters’ LP? OK, fine. I saw the same shit with Fifty, Fifty didn’t get “The Better New Artist”. No one’s ever blown up like that since Snoop did that! My first album couldn’t do that. I’ve never seen anyone blow up with the first album like he did. And he didn’t get a Grammy. Next year I was back there. What was going on at that time? “The Eminem Show”? There’s nothing wrong with me! I don’t care if I lose to a fucking Kanye or someone else… I was like OK, I respect him, I know who he is, Kanye has had a strong influence on the music. OK! But stop picking us up here to sell your fucking show to the highest bidder by throwing everyone in a row every fucking time! Since then I just said never invite me again, please, just don’t do it. My answer is “no” for the next hundred million years. I’ll never go to the Grammys again in my life. They give the victory to whoever they want, they give it to their “favorites”, fucking “ohh, critics praised very much, but in fact there were sold two records only”. Of course, it’s not always about sales, I understand, Vanilla Ice is a good example of that, I understand. But sometimes it happens when something unimaginable covers the whole world and has a huge impact on the music, and you give the award…. Fucking Lottie Dottie?.. Who? Lottie Dottie!!! Well Lottie … You know, I don’t even know who beat Kendrick and Jay! It seems like they’re all deaf and don’t even notice what’s going on in the business, but they think that “Oh, we’ll call Beyoncé here, we’ll call Jay, we’ll say that all those names were here today,” so I guarantee you that the people from the Grammys have contacted Beyoncé’s team or Jay-Z’s and hinted… Every year they hint that you’re going to win. Just for you to come in.”

Note: “Complex” magazine have called “The Marshall Mathers LP” the biggest victim of the Grammy’s neglect of all time. In 2011 Eminem’s album was one of the most likely candidate to win “Album of the Year”, competing with “Kid A” by Radiohead, “Midnite Vultures” by Bec and “You’re The One” by Paul Simon, but the award went to a coming from nowhere group “Steely Dan” and their album “Two Against The Nature”. The biggest tracks in 2001 were, probably, “Stan” and “The Real Slim Shady”, but although Eminem was nominated in 4 categories, only got 3 awards: “Best Rap Album”, “Best Rap Solo”, and “Best Rap Duo or Group”.


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